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Women's Health Doctor Near Allison Park, PA

A well woman visit, like an annual physical, is a check-up used to review the overall state of a woman’s health. But these visits often go deeper than the annual physical. Well woman visits are helpful resources for women looking to discuss their family planning needs; to review their records; to review screenings and exams related to female-specific health issues; and to set long-term goals that will help address a variety of health issues associated with women specifically.

Family Matters Direct Primary Care (or Family Matters DPC) is an excellent resource for women that are in need of well woman services. Our practice offers any and all standard physical exams and tests, in addition to providing PAP smears, STI testing, and urine pregnancy testing. And should any services be needed that we cannot provide, we will gladly help you access them through a trusted partner.

To schedule a visit or sign up for our services, please contact us at (412) 685-3373 or submit an online appointment request for a free consultation. We allow a full hour for new patient appointments. 

Note that you can also spend half an hour with one of our doctors during an initial consultation, where you can explore the DPC care model and ask us questions directly. You will have no obligation to register with us following a consultation. No medical advice or treatment will be offered at this consultation.

FAQs on Women’s Health & Well Woman Visits:

What is a Well Woman Visit?

Similar to an annual physical, an annual well woman visit is an opportunity for patients and doctors to meet and check over a number of medical and health-related factors. But where an annual exam focuses on general physical wellness, a well woman visit can include a review of female-specific health issues, such as those that affect the reproductive system.

Why Do I Need a Separate Women’s Health Appointment?

While an annual physical can address the most common physical ailments in both men and women, a well woman visit focuses on preventative care specifically in relation to the female body. Women’s health exams include:

  • Specific services - like shots - that aim to prevent certain health issues, such as those that commonly affect the female reproductive system 
  • Specific screenings regarding illnesses that women are at a higher risk of developing, or illnesses that could affect a woman in a strong, negative manner (Ex. Some STIs can cause fertility problems in women)
  • Focused education and counseling to help women make informed health decisions regarding family planning, etc.

What Should I Expect During A Well Woman Visit?

Every exam will go a little bit differently, depending on an individual’s specific care needs. However, the following are all common components of a well woman visit:

  • A physical exam that measures height and weight, checks her blood pressure, and calculates her BMI
  • A review of her medical history and family health history 
  • A discussion of her sexual health and sexual partners 
  • A review of her eating habits, physical activity, and use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs 
  • A discussion of her medications and supplements, i.e. vitamins, minerals, or herbs 
  • A review of her mental health history, including depression 
  • A discussion about her relationships and safety
  • A discussion about family planning and contraception (i.e. pregnancy prevention and the best methods for each woman; may include a review of Natural Family Planning methods for women who do not want to use medications or devices to prevent pregnancy)
  • A discussion (if appropriate) about menopause symptoms, treatment, etc.
  • A clinical breast exam (feeling your breasts and under your arms for lumps or other changes)
  • A pelvic exam (used to evaluate the size and position of the vagina, cervix, uterus, and ovaries; certain symptoms of these organs can indicate reproductive cancers, infections, sexually transmitted infections, etc.)

If for any reason Family Matters DPC cannot provide any of the tests you may need, we will work to coordinate your necessary care with another trusted care facility.

What Questions Should I Bring to a Well Woman Visit?

As with any doctor’s visit, these appointments are a wonderful time to bring questions regarding your current and future health needs. Women are encouraged to bring up any questions about the following (or anything else on their minds) to their appointment:

  • Birth control options 
  • Sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs) 
  • Preparing to get pregnant 
  • Menopause
  • Relationship health and safety 
  • Anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues 
  • Eating healthy 
  • Being more active

To learn more about the health guidelines for a woman of your age, contact us or visit The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists' website. If you have additional questions about specific care options for a particular health issue, please contact us! We would love the opportunity to review your needs and determine if we are a good fit for your healthy living efforts.