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Medication and Hospitalization Services - Allison Park, PA

In a perfect world, preventative care via a primary care doctor would be enough for every patient. Unfortunately, often due to factors outside of our control (such as aging, illness, etc.), we can find ourselves in situations where medications, hospitalizations, and/or surgeries are needed to help us recover from ailments and live our healthiest lives.

Family Matters Direct Primary Care (or Family Matters DPC) can help patients in need of these additional services. While our practice cannot offer hospitalization or surgery, it can help coordinate your care and/or help you prepare for these procedures. Additionally, we can help you review the medications you are taking to ensure they are the right prescriptions for you - and that they won’t surprise you with unexpected side effects!

To schedule a visit or sign up for our services, please contact us at (412) 685-3373 or submit an online appointment request for a free consultation. We allow a full hour for new patient appointments. 

Note that you can also spend half an hour with one of our doctors during an initial consultation, where you can explore the DPC care model and ask us questions directly. You will have no obligation to register with us following a consultation. No medical advice or treatment will be offered at this consultation.

FAQs on Medication and Hospitalization:

What Will Family Matters DPC Do if I Visit a Hospital?

We recognize that we cannot provide every service that is available via a hospital. However, we also understand that your hospital visit will be much more productive if your hospital doctors know what we know. That’s why we offer assistance with coordinating care when our patients are hospitalized. This means we will provide specialists with any and all appropriate background information regarding your health, your records, and your goals and needs (both immediate and long-term).

What Will Family Matters DPC Do if I Need Surgery?

Surgery can be an intimidating prospect. To help you prepare for any surgical procedures you may need, we will assist you with a pre-operative evaluation. A pre-operative evaluation is always recommended to the millions of Americans who undergo surgery annually. The goal of this evaluation is to determine a patient’s specific risk(s) during and after the procedure. By doing this, we - and your surgeon - can take steps to help you receive the care you need with minimal risk of complications. The pre-operative evaluation is also an opportunity to make recommendations regarding the management of medications during (and after) the procedure.

I Am Taking A Lot of Medication. How can Family Matters DPC Help?

At Family Matters DPC, our patients all have access to a prescription drug review. During this medication review, we will take the time to discuss all of the medications you are taking, both prescription-wise and OTC wise. Medication reviews are recommended annually for older patients, but can be beneficial at any age should an individual a) begin taking more medications and supplements than they did in years past, or b) develop new health issues that medications could negatively interact with.

* This information is meant to provide a general idea of what you can expect from our practice. Specific details will vary from case to case! Always talk to your doctor with questions about your specific care situation and plan. If you have additional questions about specific care options for a particular health issue, please contact us! We would love the opportunity to review your needs and determine if we are a good fit for your healthy living efforts.