If you are experiencing chest pain, shortness of breath, severe abdominal pain or headache, facial droop or slurring of speech, acute changes in mental capacity, acute weakness or numbness in any body part, or have experienced a major trauma: PLEASE DIAL 911 IMMEDIATELY.

Patients may schedule appointments online via the links below or by calling the office at (412) 419-3846.

A phone call is required for any same-day/urgent appointments, home visits, or any appointmments that are needed outside of our doctors’ regular office hours.


Medication Refill Requests:

Refill Request

Click to request a refill for one or more of your medications.

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Online Scheduling Links:

Free Consultation

Click to schedule a consultation. Meet with one of our doctors to find out more about how direct primary care could benefit you, your family, and/or your employees. This is an informative session only; no medical advice will be given at this appointment. No fee is charged for a consultation.

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New Patient

Click to schedule an appointment if you are a new patient. We value continuity of care and make every effort to keep all family members with the same physician. If you have been referred to a specific doctor and cannot find availability, please call our office at (412) 419-3846.

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Established Patient – 30 Minutes

Click for routine follow-up of 1-2 chronic conditions, visit for 1-2 new concerns, or minor acute issue (cold, flu, UTI, rash, etc.)

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Established Patient – 60 Minutes

Click for follow-up of 3+ chronic conditions, 3+ new conditions, or any procedures (PAP smear, draining boils, etc.)

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Established Patient Complete Physical

Click for all physicals. Bring any form(s) that need to be ompleted by the doctor. We are able to provide SOME vaccines in the office; these include flu (ages 3+), meningitis A & B, HPV, pneumonia (adult), tetanus (TdaP).

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Established Patient Preoperative Consultation

Click for preoperative consultations. Please note that these typically need to be scheduled WITHIN 30 DAYS of your surgery. Bring any forms that need to be completed by the doctor. If possible, please try to have your bloodwork and chest xray (if applicable) completed at least 48 hours prior to the appointment. EKGs can be performed in our office.

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Vaccination Visit

Click for Vaccination visits. This is a visit ONLY for shot(s).

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Medication Pick-up

Click below to request a medication refill and schedule a medication pick-up.

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Click for E-visits (also known as virtual visits). These are 30 minute appointments designed to deal with minor problems (such as allergies, colds, backache, pink eye, rashes, urinary symptoms, yeast infections) OR follow-up issues previously discussed with your doctor at a face-to-face visit. Instructions will be included in the scheduling confirmation email. 

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Phone Appointment

Click for a Phone appointment. These are 30 minute time slots and are useful for discussing acute mild symptoms or following up a chronic issue.

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