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Take a look at this video for a great synopsis about how DPC can work with your business to help keep employees healthy. Then, scroll down to learn more or get in touch.

How can DPC help your business?

Keep your Workforce Healthy

By contracting with Family Matters, you are making exceptional health care services accessible to your valued employees. We can see your employees quickly, and we offer appointments outside of typical business hours.

Cost Savings

Providing health insurance for employees can be expensive.  Our DPC practice can provide health services, whether or not you offer an insurance plan.  For a low monthly fee per employee, we can keep your small business of up to 20 employees healthy and working!

No Registration Fee

For businesses who would like to offer this service to their employees, all registration fees are waived.

**With 1-year contract

Small Business Plan Pricing

We can customize a plan for you, whether you wish to offer this service as a full benefit or fund a percentage of the monthly fee. Please call us to find out more about how we can help keep your employees healthy!

Interested in learning more?

Schedule an appointment online for a free consultation with us or call our office today! We'd be happy to discuss your requirements and see where we can help you!