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Kirsten Lin, headshot

Kirsten Lin, MD

Specializing in Natural Family Planning
Family Medicine

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Fertility Awareness

Dr. Lin provides training for individuals and couples in Fertility Awareness methods to achieve or postpone pregnancy.  She primarily  utilizes the Marquette Method which relies on charting of home urine hormone testing as well as physiologic signs to predict times of fertility and infertility each month.  When women better understand their physiology, they are empowered to make choices about their bodies in an organic, chemical-free manner*.  Studies show that this method, when used correctly, is effective in helping couples with their family planning goals.

Learn more about the Marquette Method here in the
Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing

Pricing: Dr. Lin’s fertility awareness patients pay $68/mo for one year, which is the time it generally takes for women to gain a thorough understanding of their monthly cycles.  After that point, phone calls or emails are priced a la carte based on time.

*Dr. Lin understands that there are medical indications for the use of pharmaceutical products related to fertility, and she is happy to support women in that capacity as well.