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Meet the Doctors

Family Matters. Dr. Kirsten Lin

Dr. Kirsten Lin, MD

Primary Care Physician
Family Matters Dr. Lela Dougherty

Dr. Lela Dougherty, MD

Primary Care Physician

In a city dominated by huge, impersonal health systems, we are solo family docs striving to bring the “care” back to healthcare.

Healthcare today has become highly politicized. Along with that, the bureaucratic burden has made it such that doctors are seeing 30 patients a day, spending 2/3 of their time clicking boxes on their computers, and we've lost the essence of medicine: a strong doctor-patient relationship.



We provide all of the typical primary care services you need in a comfortable setting. But while our services will cover your standard expectations, we're definitely not your typical doctor. That's because:

  • We believe in taking the time to get to know each patient thoroughly.
  • We offer personalized medical care in such a way that our patients never feel rushed.
  • We strive to prevent health issues before they even develop - not just treat the ailments bothering you today.
  • We provide straightforward access to your physician through phone calls, office visits, e-visits, and/or texting.
  • We offer deeply discounted generic medications and lab testing services.
  • Our fees are affordable and all of our pricing is upfront, so you will never receive confusing medical bills after your appointment.

All are welcome to join our Family! To learn more and/or arrange your first visit with our doctors, contact us by phone or online today!

Our Staff
Doctor Looking in Patients Ear

Our Vision

We envision a healthcare system that considers and knows every patient, which is accessible when care is needed, and that offers care at a price that everyone in need can afford.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the “care” back to healthcare, to prevent health problems before they even develop, and to focus on patients as individuals - not symptoms.

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